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Dining Hall Corpo Overlords

So my university is a Pepsi school. We've got a lot of Pepsi products, in the dining halls, vending machines, etc. Dunkin has also wrapped its sugary fingers around my school's neck (and all of the Northeast, but I digress...). There are a few other corporate sponsored machines in the dining halls, like the Dole juice dispenser. But recently, over spring break, all the coffee and tea in the dining halls has been converted to Starbucks brand. This I both resent and am OK with. I really do enjoy Teavana's tea. Their Hibiscus Spice is amazing. I can... tolerate their Pike Place roast. However, this is excessive. They have their own Starbucks brand cups, the machines are COVERED in Starbucks branding, stuff like that. It's a little bit sickening to see just how far the corporations can creep.

DUSK's final levels

I've been replaying DUSK, one of my favorite games recently. I've now gotten to the final 10 levels (there are 30 levels, in 3 stages) and by god they are just fantastic. No hate to the first 2 stages, of course, but the final stage is just a whole new level of surreal and amazing. Anyway, if you like the original DOOM, fighting cults, and weird creatures, you'll like DUSK. Spoiler: The final boss is Nyarlathotep, and his VO is INSANE. I'm a sucker for anything Nyarlathotep, and the vocals really are just - *chef's kiss*

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